Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for vetting and recommending Foundation scholarship recipients to the Foundation Board of Directors. The Committee members will receive the scholarship applications from the Foundation Scholarship Chair. The Committee members will be asked to notify the Foundation Scholarship Chair if they have a relationship with a scholarship applicant. If so, that Committee member will refrain from evaluating that applicant to prevent potential favoritism. The Committee members will then rate the scholarship applicants based upon a points system. Each member shall submit an individual point total to the Scholarship chair.
Committee members serve one calendar year with the option to continue for one additional year. Committee members are asked to step down from their membership for two years after having served any two consecutive years in order to keep new members rotating through the Committee.


Publicity Committee

The responsibilities of this committee include managing the social media accounts; coordinating the submitted communications from the Foundation to the donors; reviewing Foundation publicity needs to ascertain and make certain submitted articles to the Digests sufficiently meet those needs; sending any emergency or exciting news to the Sorority Executive Director for immediate reporting as a special article; and assisting the VP of Publicity with any other communications as necessary (newsletters, annual reports, flyers, etc.).

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is a Committee of the Foundation Board, reporting to the Foundation Treasurer.  The Investment Committee will consist of three individuals, who may be members of the Foundation Board or volunteers.  At least one member of the committee shall be a Director on the Foundation Board.  The Investment Committee shall submit reports of its activities and investment performance to the Board at least semi-annually, and shall also present interim reports at each meeting of the Board.  These reports shall include the performance of the Fund, as well as any recommendations of the Committee for changes in investment strategy or asset allocation.