2018 Light the Night Fundraisers Recognized

We are proud to announce that Phi Sigma Rho exceeded our 2018 goal of raising $35,000 on behalf of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through Light the Night by $685! Below were our top chapters and individual fundraisers that were recognized during the Foundation Luncheon. Together, Phi Rho's are making a difference through these campaigns. A huge thanks to each of the chapters that participated in these efforts! We look forward to crushing our goal of raising $38,000 in 2019!

Top Teams:

  1. Purdue – Alpha $5,412
  2. Ohio State – Beta $4,515
  3. UC Berkeley – Alpha Zeta $4,194

Top Individuals:

  1. Stephanie Thornton – Zeta $1,145
  2. Cathy Nash – Alpha $683
  3. Erin Smith – Zeta $630

Special thanks to our Campaign Chair, Devin Stanke for all her hard work on this campaign and the upcoming campaign.

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