Celebrate Phi Sigma Rho's Founders' Day!

On September 24th, join the Foundation in wishing Phi Sigma Rho a Happy Birthday through a donation! Imagine what we can do together. This year, the Foundation was able to provide one of the largest LEAP grants to date to the Sorority for National Conference, which we hope to continue to increase in the future. With your help, we could be closer to our long term goal to endow our scholarships and expand our scholarship offerings, giving us a sustainable means to help young women with their educational goals. We can increase the ways to support local chapters through various grants for community service, diversity events, and professional and leadership development sessions. The Phi Sigma Rho Foundation aims to support our sisterhood of more than 6,500 in more ways than ever before.

Are you ready to wish Phi Sigma Rho a happy birthday this Founders’ Day? Large or small, each gift goes a long way when Phi Rhos come together to support each other through the Foundation. We have a goal of raising $10,000 to support grants and scholarships to the local and national level and bringing in one donation to represent each of the 663 charter member we have. Will you be one of those donors? Make your gift today by visiting the campaign donation site to learn about the different ways to give back through the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation.

This Founders’ Day, join us in making Phi Sigma Rho’s birthday the best one yet!

Phi Sigma Rho Foundation

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P: 937-815-0268 | contact@phisigmarhofoundation.org