Apply Now for the $1,000 EDGE Grant

Available Now through January 5, 2024

The Engineering Development and Growth Experience (EDGE) grant program, through inspiration from Rosie and Alex Krob, supports collegiate Phi Sigma Rho members involved in hands-on science and engineering-based projects. These grants will support technical projects led by sisters of Phi Sigma Rho that will ultimately develop their leadership, financial, and project management skills, with fundable programs such as building go-karts, robotics, rocketry, and more. Through the EDGE Grant, the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation aims to create women leaders through hands-on experiences prior to entering their professional field.

One $1,000 grant will be awarded each year based on the opportunity for personal, team, and/or educational growth, the number of Phi Sigma Rho sisters involved in the project, the feasibility of the proposed project, and the impact of the awarded funds on the project success. The proposed project must be a hands-on, science, or engineering based, extracurricular activity that is not a part of a capstone project or academic course. Project teams must consist of at least 1 Phi Sigma Rho collegiate member, with a high preference towards teams with 3 or more Phi Sigma Rho collegiate members. Solo projects organized and led by a Phi Sigma Rho member are also eligible for funding. Projects that are either in the planning stages or partially completed prior to the grant period are eligible for funding. Only one grant application will be accepted per project.

To apply, start your application on the Phi Rho Portal. Any questions can be directed to the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation Grant Chair, Lisa Courtney.

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