Match your donation to the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation through your company match program!

Matching gifts are a part of most corporate philanthropy programs and United Way Campaigns! When an employee makes a donation to a non-profit organization, the employer will also donate to the organization, matching some or all of the employee’s donation. Does your employer match your donation you’ve made to the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation? 

If your company matches donations made by employees, the process is very simple to request a matching gift towards the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation! Some programs allow you to donate through an online portal to select a nonprofit, while others have you make a donation first. The typical process (may vary by company) includes: 

    1. Make your donation to the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation.
    1. Submit a matching gift request to your employer:

    Legal Name: Phi Sigma Rho Foundation 

    EIN: 20-2709091

    1. Employer will review the matching gift request and determine eligibility.
    1. The Phi Sigma Rho Foundation will receive a notice of a match request and verify the initial donation was made.
    1. If eligible, the employer will mail a check to the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation.

Please consider the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation in your philanthropic giving plan. Every gift the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation receives goes towards supporting young women through scholarships, personal and professional development, and educational programming. Thank you in advance for your support this Holiday Season!

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