Phi Sigma Rho has been dedicated to developing the next generation of women engineers. Funding leadership development is just one way the Foundation works to achieve its mission and vision. Thanks in part to generous donations made to our grant programs, the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation has been able to give grants to fund educational and charitable programs to develop Phi Rhos into bold leaders, strong women, and supportive sisters in their communities!

Leadership and Educational Programming (LEAP) Grants

Leadership Education and Programming Grants impacts more sisters each year than any other program. These grants cover the educational costs of conferences, conventions, regional meetings, and webinars hosted by the Sorority each year. programs covered by the LEAP grant include speakers, panels, and leadership development workshops. These sessions are based on three pillars:

A sister can become LEAP certified by attending workshops held at conferences, convention and regional meetings, and webinar sessions. These sessions are based on three pillars:

Engineering Development and Growth Experience Grants

The Engineering Development and Growth Experience (EDGE) grant program, through inspiration from Rosie and Alex Krob, supports collegiate Phi Sigma Rho members involved in hands-on science and engineering-based projects. These grants will support technical project led by sisters of Phi Sigma Rho that will ultimately develop their leadership, financial, and project management skills, with fundable programs such as building go-karts, robotics, rocketry, and more. Through the EDGGE Grant, the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation aims to create women leaders through hands-on experiences prior to entering their professional field.

DreamGirls Grant

DreamGirls Grants will provide service and leadership opportunities for active and alumnae organizations of Phi Sigma Rho to support the next generation of women in engineering through engineering-focused programming for middle school girls. These programs will be transferable to schools, Scout trips, community shelters, and more! Dream Girls in Action and DreamDay programming through the DreamGirls Initiative are fundable programs through this grant opportunity.

Founded in 2015 by Phi Sigma Rho co-founder, Rashmi Drummond, the DreamGirls Initiative is a nonprofit focused on exposing middle schools girls to femal role models and their careers through a variety of hands-on events. This program is committed to inspiring young women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through day long “Dream Days” and after-school “DreamGirls in Action” programming. These programs differentiate themselves by putting career paths first, instead of focusing on STEM skills alone. The standout feature of these programs is the focus of female role models for participants through corporate involvement and hands-on programming

For more information about the DreamGirls initiated visit

It's only through the financial givin of our generous donors that these grant programs have been made possible. We ask that you help us continue to support the professional development, personal growth, and community outreach of sisters of Phi Sigma Rho by giving to one of these grant programs today.

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