Board of Directors & Volunteers

The Foundation is governed by seven Board of Directors, who serve four year terms. The Board of Directors and volunteers have the opportunity to contribute their knowledge and experience in various areas that will be useful in strengthening the future of the Foundation as we strive to fulfill the mission of the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation to the fullest.

Board of Directors

Janelle Becker

Beta – The Ohio State University

Belle Riehemann

Vice President of Strategic Projects
Alpha – Purdue University

Taylor Gilger

Vice President of Donor Relations
Beta - Ohio State University

Tara Zahnke

Vice President of Publicity
Beta - Ohio State University

Lexi Hieronimus

Vice President of Programming
Alpha Zeta – Wright State University

Rosalie Krob

Alpha – Purdue University

Carley King

Sigma – Oregon State University

Volunteer with Us!

The Phi Sigma Rho Foundation could not function without the time its volunteers have put into the organization. If you are interested in making a difference by volunteering with the Foundation, fill out the Volunteer Interest Form on the Phi Rho Portal or contact the Foundation HR Manager for more information.

Phi Rho Portal

Keep in Mind!

  • Officers are elected every odd year before Convention by the incumbent Board of Directors. A nominating committee is used to find and recruit the best volunteers beginning in February, and applications and interviews are required. All applicants are notified in May of the Board's decision.
  • Volunteers are needed throughout the year, and positions under officers and on committees are posted as needed. Some volunteer opportunities are seasonal and may require more work during a specific period of time.

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